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Fred Wissen Designs LLC, Online Retailer, Chesapeake, VA

Tiny Giant Series

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Price: From $23.00 to $25.00

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Select Color of mold for resin type you expect to use:

This mold casts two tubes for the following kit:

- Tiny Giant Pen Kit from Turners Warehouse

Initial set of stoppers are included with a mold purchase. 


Pink molds cast Polyester Resin (Silmar 41) and Urethane Resin (Alumilite). 
Blue molds cast Polyester Resin (Silmar 41), Urethane Resin (Alumilite) and Epoxy Resin (such as West Epoxy System or Liquid Diamonds).

A Universal Mold Release such as Stoner helps to extend the shelf life of our molds. If you cast with Epoxy resin, Stoner also makes a mold release specific to epoxy resins. Please contact us for more information or other questions about what mold will be compatible for your intended use.

Manufacturer: PTownSubbie

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