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Fred Wissen Designs LLC, Online Retailer, Chesapeake, VA

picture of the PTownSubbie family

Fred Wissen Designs LLC is owned by Fred and Tina Wissen, selling custom pen blanks and silicone casting molds on, which was named in honor of Fred's naval career as a submarine officer.

Fred began woodworking as a hobby in 2004 making solid wood furniture for friends and family. He first got interested in wood turning when he attended a pen making class at the Norfolk Woodcraft. Since then, his wood turning hobby has expanded into handcrafted bowls, pendants, and many styles of pens. Tapping into his engineering background, Fred has also learned to custom design handcrafted molds to pour your own polyester resin and other casted pen blanks. Fred has been a member of International Association of Penturners (IAP) since 2009 and is nicknamed PTownSubbie on the IAP forum.

Tina likes to design polymer clay pens and polymer clay blanks that can be ready-to-use or lathe-turned. She has worked in graphic design and retail management for over twenty years, so she handles the majority of the website design, marketing, and shipping.Tina is also a member of IAP - nicknamed MrsPTownSubbie.